Hypnagogia 1 bw Hypnagogia 2 bw Hypnagogia 3 bw Hypnagogia 4 bw Hypnagogia 7 bw Hypnagogia 1 color Hypnagogia 2 color Hypnagogia 3 color Hypnagogia 4 color Hypnagogia 6 color Hypnagogia 6 color Hypnagogia 6 color detail


Hypnagogia is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep: A state of consciousness during the onset of sleep trying to make sense of the visions of half sleep. The condensation heavy window pane at night is the metaphor of choice to illustrate this cognitive shift. The world beyond reason can be a grey area or even dark matter. The pane is used as well as canvas to make sense of subconscious mental activities during hypnagogia (ongoing).